Valentine’s Day… Showing the Love

Growing up I have always LOVED Valentine’s day. A lot of it has to do with my mom. We were very fortunate that she loved making pretty much every holiday special. Valentine’s day was no exception!  Now, she didn’t go crazy with gifts or anything like that but she would decorate the table nicely with touches of red and pink and we would have a nice dinner with a chocolate desert.  It was the act of LOVE that she showed us. 

As I got older and got married (when we first got married I had to “teach” my husband that Valentines’ was actually a holiday in my books and that ummm no, it could not go uncelebrated😉) have continued that tradition with our boys… nice dinner, a few decorations and a chocolate heart or too💗. Don’t worry I show Greg the love too, we usually make dinner or go for coffee and get each other cards…. Nothing crazy just the act of showing appreciation for each other.

Over the years things in the Valentine’s department have been good for me, but I as I have gotten older I have friends and relatives where this has not been the case.  I have a few friends who have lost their husbands at a young age, single older relatives, divorced friends, you get the picture.  People whose Valentine’s hasn’t been awesome, and in fact adds to the loneliness and sadness they already feel. 

I have a great friend who lost her husband at a young age and they LOVED Valentine’s. I actually remember when we were in our 20’s he bought her this amazing pink trench coat from Old Navy (these were still the days I was “teaching” my husband the importance of Valentine’s day 😉 so I remember that coat!) When her husband passed away the first few years were tough around all holidays.. but my friend decided enough was enough and she was going to take back Valentine’s and started her infamous “GALENTINE’S” Day party (made famous by Parks and Rec)!  All girls, lots of candy, treats, a little Taylor Swift blaring in the background and some wine and spirits🍷.  I have been so inspired by her gift to love and include everyone around her.

So, here is the challenge we have made to ourselves and putting out to you. Let’s open our eyes and our HEARTS and really see those around us that are single or in a place of loneliness.  It doesn’t take much, a call, a coffee or a little card.  Below I have a few suggestions to show the love to others.  


  1. Make a call to a single relative
  2. Take a single or friend experiencing loneliness out for coffee 
  3. Throw a Galantine’s party 
  4. Drop off a small gift of chocolates or baking 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 🥰


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