Things I Learned From my Mother

My beautiful mother

This was the speech that I was supposed to read at my mother’s funeral but I couldn’t do it. I had so much regret after that I didn’t read it but I couldn’t pull myself together enough to do it… actually, I couldn’t even read it until today. This is my tribute to her. I hope you get a glimpse of what a wonderful human being she was.  Happy Mother’s Day sisters ?

Things my mother taught me…
I learned from my mother how to be a friend…Everyone that knew her or met her LOVED her. Like really loved her. She had many different friends from many walks of life, she treated everyone the same and she was loyal and true. My Mom never was a “social” climber or sought out friends that would benefit her; she was an authentic friend that everyone could count on. She was available if anyone needed to talk, go for a coffee, or just quietly sit. When my mom lost her best friend Noreen to cancer, it was particularly impactful watching the beauty of their friendship. The one thing that brings me comfort is that she and Noreen are now together. I am sure the two of them are in heaven having tea.
I learned from my mother how to be a daughter and daughter in law…The way she treated my grandparents throughout her life was beyond amazing.  My mother always included them in our life and they talked most days. Most winters when Jody and I were growing up, my mom’s parents would come and stay with us from Saskatchewan. They were always welcome in our home. Even when she was sick she would insist that she fly to Saskatchewan a few times a year to see them when travelling became difficult.  My mother also loved my dad’s mother like her own.  My dad lost his father when he was 15 and my grandmother was on her own raising 3 kids by herself.  My mom always had such compassion for that and made sure she felt a part of our family and tried to make life easier as grandma had worked so hard her whole life. Mom always had her over or would go visit her. When my grandmother was hospitalized several times in her life my mom would sit for hours with her, it was my mom who was thoughtful and always made her birthdays and holidays extra special for her.

My mother always said friends will come and go but you will always be sisters so dig in and invest in each other.

I learned from my mother how to be a sister…My mom had a great friendship and love with her siblings, sister and brother in laws. Family harmony was the most important thing to her. Growing up Jody and I knew the expectation was that as sisters you weren’t just to tolerate each other but we needed to actually have a relationship, she fostered a deep love and friendship between Jody and I…One similar to her relationship with her siblings.  My mother always said friends will come and go but you will always be sisters so dig in and invest in each other.
I learned from my mother how to be a wife…her devotion and love for my father were immense.  Mom always kept the house running when dad was away and made sure when he came home that it was comfortable and inviting. One thing she said to me that has always stuck is ” Don’t hang around with friends that bad mouth their husbands, it is the death of a marriage” my mother rarely spoke negatively about my dad even when he drove her crazy?Dad was her true love, her best friend who she adored. They were a team in everything they did.  
I learned from my mother how to be a mother…My mother was selfless with us. She would drop anything if we needed help with the kids, to talk or to shop? The countless hours she spent with us was a gift both of us valued.  The ability she had to transition from parent to friend when we became adults was remarkable.  Her main goals in raising us were that we knew we were loved, that we loved others, that we loved Jesus and that we had confidence in ourselves. My mom never judged us or held onto mistakes that we made in our life… instead, she focused on the positive life lessons we could take from them. The 3 of us enjoyed a rare and beautiful love and friendship. We miss our other bestie.

me, mom and Jody

I learned from my mother to walk in my faith…Her faith was consistent. She read her Bible daily and was a fierce prayer warrior. Countless times growing up I would walk into her bedroom and she would be on her knees praying. She cared for others and their spiritual well – being. If my mom said she would pray for you she did! Her desire was that she would see her whole family and all her friends in heaven one day.
I learned from my mother to be grateful… Although I miss her beyond words, I am grateful that I was blessed to have her as a mother. A gift I will treasure the rest of my life.
I wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day Sisters!
Lisa xoxo

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