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Navigating Covid 19 With Our Kids

We had planned a different post this week but in light of current circumstances, we have decided to write something different.

Sisters this is HARD. All of it. Many of us have not gone through any sort of major world crisis. We are all trying to adapt to our constant changing circumstances. Lurking illness, school closures, possible financial devastation, bored children, disappointed children at the loss of some of life’s greatest highlights and no toilet paper or hand sanitizer😳. We are all being affected in one way or another. 

We are seeing people’s true colors and who they are.  We are seeing the good the bad and the ugly of humanity.

My kids are driving me crazy….How do we deal with our kids?  The more parents I have talked to the more I realize this is a major issue.  What do you mean I can’t have a sleep over or I can’t hang out with my friends.   At first, I thought it was just a problem with my own kids but I have begun to see it’s a global problem. I read this fascinating article written from a mother in Italy regarding this exact topic…. Coles notes… we need to be ok with our kids being bored, angry and persistent. We need to lock them down.  We need to be ok that they are not having a good time (which for me is an issue as my husband refers to me as “Good Time Lisa” because of my need/desire to create memorable and fun experiences for my kids ALL THE TIME.) We need to figure out a way to navigate the heaviness and lack of understanding our kids are feeling.  We are a generation that has not experienced much. I am 49 and the biggest global thing I have faced is 911 when I was 30… but before that, not much.  I think because of this we and our children have little resilience to life’s difficulties and true hardship and sacrifice.  People we need to be unified… no playdates, no small group playdates…we need to say NO to our kids, we need to shut it down.

We as a community are soft. I am used to life’s comforts. I do not like that I can’t go to the gym, go for coffee and that I have to entertain and homeschool my kids (for those of you who enjoy homeschooling your kids and are good at … thumbs up but for some of us it is worse than getting a tooth pulled 😂).  BUT, this is real life… these are tough times that I’m feeling pressed and pulled to grow, and use these as teachable moments for our kids and ourselves. I don’t have advise, I just wanted to share and put it out there that I think everyone is struggling. I am trying to be a good socially responsible example to my kids.  We are all in this together. We can do hard things. Let’s be gentle with each other. Let’s be thankful that we live in a country where we have accessible medical and food resources.

This is the great article from a mother in Italy who is a few weeks ahead of us with this terrible virus… I would highly recommend the read.

This is also a super useful post on how to help navigate our children through this situation.

We are in the works of creating another post for you all on some ideas of how to create some structure and normalcy for you and your families during these stressful times. Stay tuned.

We would love to hear how you are doing. How are you keeping busy? How are you supporting your physical and mental health? How are your kids managing?

In solidarity,


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