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Thankfulness update
Hey sisters! How has the gratefulness challenge been going for you? Can we be real here…I had a huge “ah ha” moment….I thought it was going to be much easier than it was because I have so much in my life to be grateful for.  I found it difficult to be grateful a lot of the time, but not for the reasons that you would think.  I am grateful for much in my life however, I found myself constantly forgetting to be grateful for things because I am TOO busy.  Huh. Too busy to be grateful. That is a problem… like, a major problem for me. Why work so hard in life to be too busy to enjoy the fruits of my labour or even enjoy the little things in life. Sisters, I always knew I was crazy busy but it really dawned on me that besides being too tired physically and mentally to sometimes think I am too tired to be grateful. “ There is no joy without gratitude “ Brene Brown.

There it is “no joy without gratitude”…I needed to sit in that for a bit. “Busy” has become so much of my identity I didn’t even realize how much it has over taken my life and my ability to be grateful.
Why are we so “busy” are we over scheduled? Check! Are we competing with others to state how “busy” we are? Check! Are we afraid of down time, that somehow that is wrong? Check!
I am starting to realize that I wear my “busyness” as a badge of honor, making me feel important… but have I become so busy that I am not taking care of myself? Not spending time with my family? Not working as efficiently as I should? Is it really a badge of honor or is it a short coming that is making me feel stressed, over scheduled and anxious… and gives me no time for gratitude?  I realized that I am experiencing less joy in my life.  What?
Yes, I have responsibilities of working full time, kids and extended family and friends but I need to change my mindset of busyness and perhaps start prioritizing a little more. 

 “ There is no joy without gratitude “ Brene Brown.

My new focus is going to be choosing to see my life as full not busy. I am going to keep you in the loop of how this goes for me.  I need to make some changes. I can’t keep going the pace that I am going, I do not want to wake up when I am 80 and be sad that I didn’t have joy in the journey of my life because I was too busy. I am still working on the daily gratitude and I’m going to keep up the gratitude journal. It is a great practice.

I wrote this and I was looking for a resource to offer you and I stumbled onto thisfantastic article by Joshua Becker… WOW! So good. 

If you have not joined our gratitude challenge already, it’s not too late! You can join here 

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In continued gratitude,


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