Dry January- Sober Curious?

December feels…

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you, but I did my share of indulging the WHOLE month of December. It was one big party of shopping, eating, sleeping in, drinking wine and more eating. It was a lot of fun, but… I finished the month feeling pretty, um, tired, depleted (physically and financially), bloated and ready to get back on track. 

Last year, I did Rachel Hollis’s The Last 90 and finished my year strong. I definitely recommend this. The whole point of The Last 90 is to finish the last 90 days of the year as strong as many people start the first 90 days of the year. Anyway, needless to say, I did not do the last 90 this year, instead I did ‘live it up like it’s your last 90’.

I was in the middle of my yoga teacher training and felt like I was just hanging on to the edge and so all self-discipline was out the window (which is a bit unfortunate, it is probably when I could have used it the most) and I was eating whatever was in front of me, having too many late nights and having more alcohol than I know my system likes. Very odd combination with all of the yoga and meditation I had been doing! 

So, my husband and I made the decision to do a reset and try ‘dry January’. All this means is no alcohol for the month. For some of you reading this, it might seem pathetic that we would need to make it a ‘thing’ because for some of you, most months are dry months. For others of you reading this, the idea of taking a month off alcohol, might cause anxiety, self doubt, and dread. Or maybe in your mind, your self talk immediately jumps to telling you that this is a dumb idea. I am speaking to the latter group here. I am going to be blunt here, if the idea of not having a drink for a month makes you anxious, or you doubt you can do it… you really need to do it. I am going to take that even a step further and say this would be a great time to really have an honest conversation with yourself about your relationship with alcohol. Here are some great questions to ask yourself: Why do I chose to drink alcohol when I do? How does alcohol benefit my life? Is drinking alcohol possibly preventing me from living the life I want? Does alcohol cause me side effects that I know are not good for me (my mental health, spiritual health, physical health?). All I am saying, is that I sometimes wonder if because alcohol is legal, and being marketed hard towards moms at the moment, if perhaps we don’t take the time to truly consider the effects it has on our lives? Just putting it out there. To be clear, I am not against alcohol. I truly enjoy wine and a cold beer on a hot day. All I can say is that in my own life, as I have gotten older, I have been thinking more about it and at least starting to look at the role it plays in my life and why at times in my life it has felt like a bit of a slippery slop.

January feels…🤣

All this to say, this got me thinking that I wanted to see if weekends really are better with alcohol, if  a hard day at work was made easier with a drink, is my sleeping really improved by a glass of wine? These are questions I have been exploring this month, with some interesting results. I encourage you to explore some of these things and find your own answers. In the meantime, here are some reasons why I think this is a good thing to try:

  1. As women, there are a lot of increased health risks that come with regular alcohol consumption/ yet interestingly increased marketing of alcohol is being aimed towards women (and moms in specific)
  2. It is a slippery slope drinking a glass of wine a few nights a week because you enjoy it versus, ‘holy crap, when can I have my glass of wine’.
  3. If you are like me and approaching (or in) menopause, alcohol can further disrupt your sleep.
  4. Empty Calories. Don’t think I need to expand on that. 
  5. Great reset if you have just got in to the habit of drinking too often and want to get back on track.
  6. There are plenty of other (healthier) ways for us to decompress, celebrate, mourn, socialize. Let’s try a few out. 

 I also kick started this with the annual January GOOP cleanse that I have done for the past few years (which also involves cutting out the booze). This has been great for resetting all of my healthy eating habits that went out the window during the last month (read: I ate buckets of cheese and crackers pretty much daily!). This is a pretty tame cleanse that still involves lots of great food. You can read about it Here. We promise there are no coffee enemas involved 😉 

If you choose to take on a ‘dry month’ let us know! We will keep you posted how our sober living is going!

If you missed our previous post about how to know if you have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, you can read it HERE.

Here is to a fresh start sisters!


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