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Being Grateful

A lot of what we write about can be heavy…I’m OK with that most of the time but today I’m feeling so grateful for a bunch a little stuff that I kinda just want to encourage you to sit back and think about all the goodness in your life.. big or small?

Things I am grateful for right now…

Today as I write this it is raining and I am grateful for the rain because ALL baseball has been cancelled which means I can stay in my house and catch up on a bunch of little house projects that need to get done. I can hear my boys hanging out and laughing in the basement together. We can have a day off with no guilt or strings.  I love that I feel the freedom to maybe do a little baking or just sit and read a book having a day of unexpected no schedule is magic for me right now.

I’m feeling so grateful for a bunch a little stuff that I kinda just want to encourage you to sit back and think about all the goodness in your life.. big or small

My oldest son is getting ready for graduation and I am just loving hanging out with him. I know there is probably more around the corner but right now in this moment we are in a sweet spot.  By that I don’t mean he’s got his life figured out and he’s perfect… NOT EVEN CLOSE. However, he is in my eyes this amazing person who will ask ME to go for coffee, is actually cleaning his room on his own and offers to help drive his younger brothers around on his own gas dime. I think it is important to reflect back on the growth of our kids. When we are in the thick of parenting and we are tired and weary I think it becomes easy to not see the good things. The little victories. You know what I mean?
I have worked out for years from home, it was product of working from home and having young kids… but now that they are older I can leave them earlier in the morning and go to spin class!! Spinning is my new thing that I am grateful for! I love dancing but I am a terrible dancer… well in my mind I am ripping up the dance floor but in real life I really am terrible and have no rhythm! Well the spin class I go to is like dancing on a bike! It has literally changed my life… I am so grateful that my body is healthy enough to do spin… it is one of my great pleasures in life right now. 

This blog is a lot of work..especially when I already work full time but today after I talked to my sister for the 3rd time in a couple of hours I reflected on how grateful I am to have this blog that keeps us in constant communication. I feel so fortunate that we are able to do this together which keeps us so connected.

There it is folks just a few things I am really grateful for right now.??

A few years ago I had a friend buy me a journal and a pen… she told me it was a gratefulness journal and that I should try and write a few thing ever day in my journal that I was thankful for… what a great practice!

My fave, Rachel Hollis, sells a journal that has a section for gratitude, you can check it out here

A really good read is Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts… Ann invites you to embrace everyday blessings!  You can buy it here

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to journal on the go. I know it is for me. check out this FREE Five Minute Journal app for your phone and pop in what you are grateful for! Later in the day you can look back to remember what you are grateful for? You can grab it here

We are also starting our own Gratitude Challenge! You can sign up here to receive your free gratitude challenge worksheets and access to our Gratitude Challenge Facebook Page. 

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